We know that you have a lot of options to choose from. There is a dizzying array of advisors offering a wide variety of strategies and investment options. Below are a few characteristics that distinguish Gerber Taylor:

Independent, Proactive Approach

The firm’s independence is key to us being able to provide objective and unbiased advice to our clients.  The structure of our approach gives all of our clients access to our best ideas and allows us to be proactive in their implementation as opposed to a traditional model which is reactive, fragmented and is often driven by consensus opinions

Alignment of Interests

Successful, long-term relationships require a close alignment of interests between an investment manager and its clients.  In addition to being a 100% employee owned firm, Gerber Taylor employees and their families are collectively a significant investor in our funds.

Alternative Investments Expertise

Gerber Taylor has developed significant expertise investing in alternative investments over the past 29+ years including hedge funds, private equity, and real assets.  Using alternative assets as part of a diversified portfolio, we have been able to exploit market inefficiencies and further enhance the risk/return characteristics of client portfolios.

Commitment to Our Clients

Since our founding, we have been committed to putting our client’s interests first and serving them in an ethical and disciplined manner.  We have been rewarded with many long-term client relationships.  

Proven Track Record

Gerber Taylor has long-term track records across all of our investment strategies.  Several strategies date back over 25 years.