Beginning June 30, 2020, investment advisers like Gerber/Taylor Associates (and broker-dealers) are required to provide retail investors with a disclosure form known as Form CRS (Customer Relationship Summary).

For purposes of Form CRS, a retail investor is defined as a natural person, or the legal representative of such natural person, who seeks to receive or receives services primarily for personal, family or household purposes. 

GTA’s Form CRS is, therefore, applicable to individuals who are related to GTA’s investment advisory services.     Form CRS is not applicable to individual investors in pooled investment vehicles such as individuals invested in GT Funds.  

Form CRS is intended to be a simple, easy-to-read client relationship summary that provides information about the firm and discloses:

  • The types of client relationships and services the firm offers,
  • The fees, costs, conflicts of interest and standard of conduct associated with those relationships and services,
  • Whether the firm and its financial professionals currently have reportable legal or disciplinary history,
  • How to obtain additional information about the firm.


       Click below to view Gerber/Taylor Associates’ Form CRS

pdf-linkGTA Form CRS.pdf